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Salt-uh's tunes are great! a lot of times, I hear tracks from Hip Hop or Drum & Bass producers making Dubstep and they just speed up a Hip Hop track, or slow down a Drum & Bass track and it really doesn't work. Your production is totally different. It takes style cues from Hip Hop, but still sounds like dubstep. the drums are great! I seriously like your style, keep it up! Please keep me updated on your tunes.

Nick Argon,

Hold tight Derek Bentley and Christopher Craig

Plastician on 'Let Him Have It'

Let Him Have It by salt-uh  

Good shit man. i dont look on MySpace very often anymore. but everytime i do i check your shit.. if you be down to hook up any tunes they will be rinsed out here in Sanfrancisco. also let me know if you plan on doin a us tour i can help you out big time..keep up the good work!

DJ Bogl

Still playin "Reborn" out here in PDX - USA!!!! keep em comin

DJ Harp